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MEAT SavR contains food grade acids and salts - with Tri-Technology helping hunters bring wild game from the field to the table in a SAFER condition than untreated wild game. MEAT SavR reduces the risk of meat contamination on your family’s dinner table!

➳ Repels flies and egg laying insects that transfer bacteria.

➳ Reduces microbial production over 99% compared to untreated meat.

➳ Dehydrates flesh surfaces and reduces Water Activity (Aw) in exposed meat.

➳ Keeps meat biologically safer and more stable than untreated meat.

➳ Reduces oxidation and spoilage rates.

➳ Forms a natural, organic, acidic, and salty crust.

➳ MEAT SavR reduces surface PH levels of exposed meat & game bags.

➳ Non-Toxic, Naturally Forming & Biodegradable.